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The ICO Checklist: How to Launch Your ICO Successfully

August 22, 2018


The ICO Checklist: How to Launch Your ICO Successfully

While cryptocurrencies were once a small, niche market, they’ve recently begun to appeal to a mass audience and ICOs are occurring every day. You may have a great idea, an informative white paper, and a helpful website, but what does it really take to stand out from the competition and achieve success?

This checklist is designed to help you cover your bases and effectively market your ICO on multiple channels to reach a wide, yet interested audience. Getting an ICO off to a great start is key to long-term success, so begin by following these guidelines, and continually update your marketing approach to new circumstances and situations.

Craft a Strong Community Presence

The most important thing you can do as you market your ICO is position yourself within the existing crypto community. This allows you to interact with your target audience and craft a personalized message that’s unique, rather than blending in with the mass of ICOs they see every day.

A community presence starts with traditional social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. By creating engaging profiles and an effective, compelling content strategy, you’ll attract the attention of people involved in the crypto community and spread the word about your new ICO.

You can also effectively reach a more targeted audience through other networks like Steemit and Reddit. These websites allow users to engage directly with a topic, rather than more general platforms like those above. Reddit has many forums—known as subreddits—devoted to cryptocurrencies, and you can even make your own subreddit for promotional purposes.

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Bitcointalk is another crypto-focused forum that provides a platform for new and established cryptocurrencies. Create an announcement thread to let interested users know the details of your project. Finally, group chat apps like Telegram and Discord allow you to communicate directly with users. Consider hiring a community manager to prioritize outreach.

Finally, Medium offers businesses the opportunity to create their own publications. You can leverage this feature to publish your blog communications on an established platform and make it easy for members of the cryptocurrency community to engage with your ICO and learn more about it.


Add Your ICO to Listing Sites

Listing sites offer both creators and investors an easy way to monitor upcoming ICOs, and adding your project to a listing site can be a great way to get exposure. You should apply first, and early, to free listings in order to attract visibility in advance of your launch. Later, in the presale and sale stages, you can plan and budget premium listings on an as-needed basis.

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Build an Email List

Email lists allow you to stay in regular contact with interested users. You can send emails periodically to keep them updated with developments and provide exclusive offers. With this in mind, you should be focusing on your email list from early on. You can collect emails from pre-registration, whitelisting, regular visitors to your website, and blog readers.

Mailchimp hasn’t been too friendly with ICOs, but I’ve found Mailerlite to be a perfect alternative.


Create a Powerful Press Release

A press release that includes a clear value proposition and important details about the ICO will show potential investors and buyers that you’re serious about creating a great ICO. The next step is getting it in front of the right people: consider paying for it to be published on various cryptocurrencies news sites.


Add Influencers to Your Marketing Campaign

While influencers still make up a relatively new industry, they can provide massive value when used correctly. They connect with audiences on YouTube and other social media platforms, and many of their subscribers will give significant values to their opinions about products and services. In addition to conventional influencers, you can budget for paid reviews in order to generate positive publicity.


Pay for Driven Traffic

Many ICOs have found success paying for traffic on their website. Crypto ad networks are dedicated to the cryptocurrency community and can give you high-quality clicks. By contrast, more paid traffic is less likely to lead to more conversions. The key is to arbitrage your spend based on the number of impressions you’re purchasing; spending $10 per acquisition on an average of $20 per contributions can be scaled upwards to reach your hard cap.

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Every project is unique, and marketing is just one aspect of a successful ICO. But regardless of how groundbreaking and unique your product is, poor outreach and visibility alone can cause it to fail. Focus on these advertising tips to stay ahead of the competition and get your name out in the cryptocurrency community.

Professional marketer in cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Specializations in growth hacking, content marketing, SEO, email marketing, writing, and centralizing overall marketing campaigns into one unified and cohesive strategy. Reggie is co-founder and CMO of SteelVault, mobile privacy app available on iOS and Android. He is also founder of Rich Thinking, cryptocurrency marketing agency specializing in digital marketing solutions for businesses involved with blockchain. Helped ICOs raise almost 10 million USD in total funding. Follow him Twitter at @ramoneLIVE.
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