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9 Free ICO Listing Sites to Start Making Sales

July 10, 2018


9 Free ICO Listing Sites to Start Making Sales

As mentioned in our Ultimate Guide to ICO Listings, ICO directories are a fantastic source for traffic, contributions, and trust building. Creating a profile for your ICO allows you to tap into an audience that is ready and willing to buy in.

In order to ensure trust for investors, some ICO directories require either a payment up front for listing. However, there are still many directory sites that will offer to list your ICO for free, but in order to appear ahead of the pack – you’ll need to cough up some Bitcoins.

While premium listings will bring better visibility to your ICO, there doesn’t mean you shouldn’t list your ICO. Especially when it’s free. We’ve put together 9 of the best ICO listing sites you can list on for FREE, ranked by estimated traffic courtesy of SimilarWeb.

Quoted prices below are subject to change. Last updated July 10, 2018.


CryptoCompare –

More than just a directory, CryptoCompare monitors all cryptocurrency coins both on exchanges and in the ICO phase. Review systems in place for anything from mining rigs to exchanges. Guides to help you navigate the world of crypto. Daily market updates. Offers options for featured spots, sponsored articles, and newsletters.

  • Traffic: 10,300,000 visitors/mo
  • Global Rank: 6,342
  • Cost: Free with various sponsored options
  • Submission Link: Click here


ICObench –

One stop shop for ICOs. Create an account and manage your ICO’s profile. Find experts to review. Uses an AI named “Benchy” to automatically score you (here’s how it works). Plus, ICObench is free to publish, with a significant number of options to premium list, ranging from better visibility at 1 BTC, to guaranteed listing on the HitBTC exchange for 40 BTC. You can read more about their packages here.

  • Traffic: 2,000,000 visitors/mo
  • Global Rank: 30,819
  • Cost: Free with Premium options starting at 1 BTC
  • Submission Link: Click here


ICO Rating –

An interesting take on reviews, ICO Rating measures ICO success in three factors: Investment, Hype, and Risk in a low/medium/high scale. Using data extracted from the details provided by your ICO, Investment is calculated based on Hype (your social activity) and Risk (your team, product, and partners). The end result is a recommendation that claims your ICO is positive, stable, or risky.

  • Traffic: 433,500 visitors/mo
  • Global Rank: 130,565
  • Cost: Free
  • Submission Link: Click here


ICO Alert –

No profiles, no BS: ICO Alert sticks to listing ICOs by title, a one-sentence description, and a link to your ICO. Allows visitors to quickly scan ICOs, create portfolios to track ICOs, and listen to podcasts. Offers featured premium options to have your ICO featured at the top for better visibility.

  • Traffic: 272,900 visitors/mo
  • Global Rank: 186,197
  • Cost: Free with Premium options
  • Submission Link: Click here


ICO Watch List –

With an in-depth guide to investing in ICOs, ICO Watch List helps investors find the best companies to invest in. The necessary details are added into a profile page, and ranked on the homepage by Gold (7 ETH), Silver (3.5 ETH), Bronze (1.3 ETH), and Free tiers. Gold and Silver guarantee better placement on the homepage, which bumps free tier ICOs at the bottom. Premium options include newsletters, PR, articles, banners and more.

  • Traffic: 161,600 visitors/mo
  • Global Rank: 315,548
  • Cost: Free with Premium options starting at 1.3 ETH
  • Submission Link: Click here


ICO Bazaar –

Combining a directory with events, ICO Bazaar is great for those who those also intend on hitting blockchain events. Token sale rating system also gives you a score by measuring 6 areas of your ICO: project Idea, whitepaper, team, media & community, and technical implementation. There’s a much more in-depth breakdown of their formula here. Aside from being free to list on, they offer various packages from 0.2 to 2.1 BTC that offer featured listings, social media posts, banners, and newsletters. You can read through their features here.

  • Traffic: 98,800 visitors/mo
  • Global Rank: 350,625
  • Cost: Free with Premium options starting at 0.2 BTC
  • Submission Link: Click here


ICO Hot List –

Straight to the point, ICO Hot List aggregates ICO details, including descriptions, videos, links, team members, and token sale details for prospective buyers. For added measure, there’s also a social stats section for a chart view ranking ICOs by Telegram group members, Twitter followers, and Alexa ranking.

For ICOs that have the budget, ICO Hot List offers email campaigns, highlighted premium placement, and review service to bring more traction to your ICO.

  • Traffic: 91,800 visitors/mo
  • Global Rank: 474,620
  • Cost: Free with Premium options
  • Submission Link: Click here


ICO Tracker –

Sometimes the extras aren’t necessary when hunting for ICOs. ICO Tracker keeps it simple with token sale details, ICO information, links to social and whitepapers, and team members.

Submitting your ICO adds it to a public queue, and while this allows all ICOs an opportunity to get published. In order to speed up publishing, all ICOs have the opportunity to donate to the website, which bumps you up the queue. In my experience, their estimation can be a bit off. For example, being placed at position 310 was said to have taken 23 days to publish, but didn’t happen as planned; it took exactly a month to go from position 310 to 15.

  • Traffic: 62,900 visitors/mo
  • Global Rank: 694,520
  • Cost: Free with option to publish sooner with a minimum donation of 0.1 BTC
  • Submission Link: Click here


Smith & Crown –

Description: Smith & Crown is a unique cryptocurrency news site. It’s the world’s leading blockchain research organization that not only provides news on the global trends in blockchain, but also does heavily in-depth research on ICOs. The good news is that it’s absolutely free; the bad news is that it’s hard to get into the curated list.

Most ICOs that publish to Smith & Crown will end up in the token sale calendar, however their team believes in high quality curation and is selective about which ICOs to do a full review article on. S&C has a 2 week turnaround time.

  • Traffic: 51,800 visitiors/mo
  • Global Rank: 765,260
  • Cost: Free
  • Submission Link: Click here


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