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The Ultimate Guide to ICO Listings

June 30, 2018


The Ultimate Guide to ICO Listings

ICO listing sites are directories where ICOs are listed for potential investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts to research and discover new and upcoming ICOs to invest in. Certain listing sites can be rather exclusive, and may involve a vetting process – mainly to protect their visitors from scams and poorly run ICOs. In most cases, investors depend on reviews in order to make better informed decisions to help judge whether an ICO is worth investing in or not. These investors mostly stick to a handful of directories for their trusted recommendations.


Types of ICO listing sites

There are three types of ICO listing sites:

  • Free ICO directories
  • Freemium ICO directories
  • Premium ICO directories

Free ICO listing sites typically limit the number of ICOs that have sent in a submission, and are therefore subject to an approval and curation process by the site administrator. However, there are still a handful of great, 100% free listing sites to submit to.

Freemium ICO listing sites allow any ICO to submit an entry into their directory, but generally suggest paying for faster publishing or better positioning in the directory.

Premium ICO listing sites ask for a fee upfront, in order to weed out the ICOs that may look to scam their readers, or may not be taking their ICO that serious. Listing on premium-based directories start at $500 USD.


How good is the quality of website traffic?

Directories open up the opportunity to offer really good quality traffic from an audience that is actively looking to invest in ICOs. Doesn’t get much better than that. In my experience, the quality of traffic is generally very high in comparison to most paid and organic traffic sources. Expect lower bounce rates, more pages per session, and higher conversion metrics. And it’s not surprising: those who frequent ICO directories have already previously invested in other ICOs, and have the capital to do so again.

In many cases, the cost of listing – whether freemium or premium – is actually worth it. Paying for social media ads has become virtually non-existent, and many paid traffic avenues provide very poor results. If you’re able to, you can potentially arbitrage your contributions by investing in an ICO listing that drives good quality traffic, which can be tracked for conversions. Spend $1000, make $2500 in contributions. Rinse and repeat.


What information is required to list?

Much like anyone that’s looking to invest in an ICO, you’ll need to provide very clear and detailed information about your ICO, including token sale details, product demos, team members, links to social media and white papers, etc.

Filling out one submission form after another can be mind numbing. It’s a better play to have your token sale information right in front of you, ready to be copy pasted. Fill out each form one by one, while referring to your master document.

Many listing sites will also request that your team members and advisors fill out KYC for validation, which could also bump your review score up and bring more success to your ICO.


What’s an ICO review score?

Speaking of scores – listing reviews in my opinion are one of the most important metrics to monitor when listing your ICO and measuring return. While rating systems aren’t often found on most directories, review scores are either calculated manually by site administrators, by artificial intelligence, or in the case of ICObench, rely on a pool of experts to rate your ICO. Review scores typically increase based on the validity of information you’ve provided, as well as verifying team members, conducting interviews and more. It’s always important to monitor review scores to ensure it’s always trending upwards, as it will drastically affect incoming traffic to your website and the overall trust in your business.


Recommendations and tips for listing an ICO

  • Be present on as many ICO listing sites as you can, paid or not. It’s better for your ICO to appear everywhere, adding proof in your work, and your belief in the goals you’ve set. Besides, you never know which directory will provide the best traffic.
  • If you’re not willing to sink money into your business, chances are your business will sink. If you can, pick a directory site that has decent traffic and offers premium listings (especially if it improves your score – shh!).
  • As mentioned earlier, it’s always better to have all of your token sale information in a master document for you to refer to as you’re filling out submissions. Take it from me – it can be extremely monotonous. However it’s one of the most important steps when growing your ICO.
  • Just because it’s published doesn’t mean you can forget about it. Don’t forget to update your ICO listing if there are changes during your token sale, including total supply, end dates, etc. Also, as you’re pushing new content such as reviews, updates to whitepaper, and more, be sure to update your directory profiles too.


Top 31 ICO listing sites, ranked by Alexa rating

Last updated: June 28, 2018.

1 icobench.com 1,012
2 cryptocompare.com 4,289
3 smithandcrown.com 7,814
4 icorating.com 9,510
5 coinschedule.com 14,553
6 listico.io 17,053
7 bestcoins.co 27,638
8 icowatchlist.com 28,687
9 icoalert.com 33,738
10 icohotlist.com 52,080
11 icotracker.net 61,918
12 ico-map.io 69,790
13 icobazaar.com 84,042
14 topicolist.com 85,208
15 coingecko.com 107,336
16 tokenmarket.net 107,470
17 trackico.io 108,016
18 coinhills.com 115,970
19 cryptosmile.com 166,457
20 foundico.com 169,358
21 icomarks.com 171,558
22 coinstaker.com 292,294
23 cryptopotato.com 370,495
24 icoindex.com 387,149
25 icoclap.com 720,033
26 coinlauncher.io 744,643
27 icomarketdata.com 886,154
28 bestcoins.co 904,027
29 icostreet.io 1,091,185
30 icoholder.com 1,104,628
31 icodrops.com 1,250,515


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