Twitter bans ICO ads

March 31, 2018


Twitter bans ICO ads

Twitter has announced that cryptocurrency ads will be banned from the platform.

All ICO ads, wallet services, token sales, and exchanges, but not including public companies listed on popular stock markets, will be deleted from the platform. According to CNBC, the move protects the Twitter community from fraud and scams involved in ICOs.

The social media giant explained that they have included a new rule for the ads associated with cryptocurrency on Twitter. Under this new rule, the ads of token sales and ICOs will be completely banned globally.

The story that Twitter is removing cryptocurrency ads came out earlier this month. Sky News reported that this type of content would be excluded from the network within the next two weeks as reported earlier.   

CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey earlier acknowledged the propagation of cryptocurrency scam accounts, and promised to clear out bots and fake users accounts in search of cryptocurrencies from others.


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